You’ve been using Google Docs, slides, sites, maps for awhile? Perhaps you’ve tried flipping your class and looking for differentiation ideas. What’s next? How do you take it to the next level?

Hyperdocs are a great way to personalize your lesson for students.

Think of students working collaboratively and independently but still engaged with your lesson. The doc (or your chosen platform) is created to do this so you can freely move to individuals with specific needs.This is not just a webquest, it is a carefully designed lesson for differentiation and digital collaboration.

See how it works:

Keep this in mind:

What is it that you can do now what you couldn’t do before when creating a hyperdocs?
You can easily use Google docs, slides, sites, maps for packaging.

Check your lesson with the SAMR model for Transformation and Enhancement:

What else?

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Hyperdoc Bootcamp


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