Summer Twitter Challenge for Teachers

Over the past few years, Twitter has rapidly become “the” way for educators to connect, share, learn, and develop as professionals. Many HPS teachers are huge fans and cannot imagine teaching, learning, and networking without it.

If you are interested in using Twitter for your own professional practice, we created this no-pressure summer challenge to help you dive in:

  1. JOIN: Setting up an account is free and only takes a few minutes. Before getting started, however, you may want to take some time to consider the ways you’ll use Twitter and what your profile will reveal about you since your Twitter handle and profile will introduce you to the “Twitterverse.” These are three helpful resources for getting started: Alice Keeler’s Signing Up with Twitter (How To), Twitter’s Beginner’s Guide, and Twitter’s Getting Started Guide.
  2. LEARN: Explore this Twitter for Teachers doc to learn more about Twitter and how it’s used in education. Try to formulate one goal for yourself around how Twitter might help you as an educator.
  3. LURK: Find at least 20 educators or organizations to follow and start developing your virtual “professional learning network” (PLN). This will also help you to learn the best tweeting strategies and see the range of amazing ideas and resources that are shared via Twitter. Try to check in for 10 minutes a few days per week.  Hint: Start with @HPSDigital & your school’s Twitter account. Next, check out this Twitter for Teachers doc for more ideas.
  4. TWEET (!): Send a minimum of 20 of your own tweets over the summer. Don’t be shy — just get tweeting! Start by “Retweeting” or “Favoriting” the tweets that you want to share or like. But don’t wait too long before you jump into crafting your own contributions. Share thoughts, ideas, photos, links — whatever you think will add value to the virtual PLN you are growing.
  5. CHAT: Participate in 3 Twitter chats over the summer. A Twitter chat is a real-time discussion on Twitter, which is organized by hashtag and moderated by a host. To learn more, read TeachThought’s Best Twitter Chats for Educators 2015 and EduBlogs Teacher Challenge: Twitter Chats.
  6. CONVERT: Hopefully by this point you too are a huge Twitter fan. If so, this last step is to convince at least 1 teacher-friend to join and start his/her own Summer Twitter Challenge!

We hope that by the end of the challenge you will agree that Twitter is an easy, convenient, and infinitely useful professional development tool.


A.J. Juliani, Summer of Twitter Teacher Challenge

Eric Langhorst, 30 Day Twitter Challenge for Teachers

Pixabay image shared under a CC0 Public Domain license



HMS is going 1:1 Chromebooks


We are excited to be going 1:1 here at HMS for the fall of 2015! There is a great deal of effort behind the Chromebook roll-out. We’ve been training teachers and students how to use Google Apps for Education (GAFE).

In this post you will have links of where to find information.

At HMS we will be posting what we are doing with Chromebooks and GAFE at the 1:1 MS page. We will be updating this page with: FAQs, Timeline, 1:1 manual and other news throughout the summer and next school year. You will also see on Twitter our tweets about using Chromebooks and GAFE if you are following us. There are many tutorials for Chromebooks, lessons, and Google Apps with links provided within the tweets (as you see to the right of this post).

Here are some great resources that will keep you up-to-date with the Chrome browser with tutorials & tips:

Google Support     Chromestory     Kelly Fitzgerald     Jennie Magiera

or email Chrystal Hoe for a tutorial to be made! Here are some video tutorials that have been created. There are written tutorials for Students, Parents, and Staff on our HPS “How To” menu. We will be adding more throughout the year as well! If you practice using Google Drive and Chrome the Chromebooks will be an easy transition.

By Chrystal Hoe, Secondary Technology Integration Coordinator, GET



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